What is Soul Wounded-ness

Today, deep and life-altering soul wounded-ness is most frequently caused by living in a home environment where active abuse (alcoholism, drug addiction, mental, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, etc.) or emotional deficit (parental discord, divorce, mental illness, emotional unavailability, work-aholism, neglect, over-protective control, etc.) cause family members to develop negative (sinful) ways of coping with their thoughts, feelings and personal needs. Although soul wounded people learn their negative coping behaviors as children in order to survive a difficult home situation, they tend to experience a great deal of emotional and spiritual pain and confusion in adulthood as a result.

In their efforts to survive, most soul wounded adults have developed many extremely positive characteristics: loyalty, dependability, compassion for others, self-motivation, achievement orientation, and perseverance in difficult situations, to name a few. But they also possess many troublesome qualities, such as: perfectionism, fear of intimacy, inability to complete projects, compulsiveness, overly aggressive or passive personalities, difficulty relaxing or having fun, extreme resistance to change, over-reaction to criticism and stress, or extreme controlling behaviors.

Here is the GOOD NEWS!!! Soul wounded-ness is highly treatable!!! God Himself made provision for the forgiveness, healing, restoration and reconciliation of souls by faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. The sad thing is that many sincere seekers know this truth in their heads, but continue to live in defeat because they have been unable to experience it in their souls. Living Well Ministries, Inc. offers HOPE and HEALING for ABUNDANT living!!!

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