Board of Directors


Vicki Goodrich, President, was a stay-at-home mom for the early years of her children’s lives. Her experiences as a wife and mother, Bible study Vickileader, home school coordinator for a local Christian school, youth leader, drama coach and mission team leader were excellent training ground for the work she does today. In 1995, she became a participant in a Seekers group with Living Well Ministries. After going through her own healing process, she sensed the call of God to learn how to facilitate this same healing process for others. The founder of the original group became her mentor. Vicki increased her educational experience, by accepting work at a nearby Community Service agency in the field of addictions. She has since completed her Bachelors in Biblical Studies and her Masters in Ministry of Christian Counseling. Most recently, she received her licensure with the State of Georgia as a Christian Counselor. In addition, she continues to take courses in lay counseling from the Center for Biblical Counseling, an extension of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Mrs. Goodrich has served as President and Executive Director of Living Well Ministries, Inc. since 2002. Vicki, and her husband, Thomas, reside in Brunswick, Georgia, and worship at Abundant Life Fellowship. They have a son, daughter-in-law, daughter, son-in-law and three granddaughters.



Donna T. Ginn, Vice President, became a participant in Living Well in 2003. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Theology degree in 2002 and herMasters of Religious Arts in Christian Counseling in 2004. She has a Ph. D. in Christian Counseling and works as a LCPC (Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor) at Pathways Counseling Center. She and her spouse have owned several retail businesses, but are now retired. Mrs. Ginn and her husband reside in Townsend, Georgia and attend Coastal Worship Center in Darien, Georgia where she is an ordained minister. They have one son, a daughter-in-law and two granddaughters.



Robert (Butch) Ginn, member-at-large, a retired businessman, became an ordained minister in 1999. He became a participant in LWM in 2003. Robert earned his Master’s Degree in Theology in 2004. After completing the LWM Seekers program, he felt that God had called him give the same message of hope and healing to other men and was accepted into the leadership-training program for LWM. He has completed his facilitator training and earned his Biblical Counseling diploma through the Light Learning Institute, an extension of the American Association of Christian Counselors. He and his wife reside in Townsend, Georgia and attend Coastal Worship Center in Darien, Georgia. They have a son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters.


DeborahDeborah Ferrell, Treasurer, began her journey with Living Well in 2002 and is currently a primary facilitator for our Seekers groups. Ms. Ferrell recently obtained her Biblical Counseling Diploma through the American Association of Christian Counselors. She has been employed in the accounting field since 1986. Her experience in small business and nonprofit accounting is a blessing to Living Well Ministries. Ms. Ferrell and her husband reside in Darien, Georgia and attend Abundant Life Fellowship. They have one daughter.


SuzanSuzan Boyd, Secretary, has been employed the past 35 years at RGL Associates where she currently serves as Vice President. She has been involved in church ministry over the years serving as a Sunday school teacher and a youth director. Suzan came to Living Well Ministries several years ago looking for healing in her life and relationships. After going through the Seekers program, she felt God was calling her to give back to others what she had been given, so she joined the LWM leadership team. She is currently facilitator for the Seekers program. She has also completed her Biblical Counseling Diploma through AACC. She currently attends church at The Chapel in Brunswick, Georgia. She has two children and seven grandchildren.


Administrative Staff

Vicki Goodrich – Executive Director
Donna Ginn – Administrative Assistant
Mika Cox – Staff Secretary
Deborah Ferrell – Accounting Overseer

Our Facilitator Staff

Vicki Goodrich
Deborah Ferrell
Suzan Boyd
Lisa Griner
Virginia Ferrell
Lou Ann Silva
Butch Ginn
Donna Ginn
Fran Kelly
Mika Cox

Upcoming Apprentices:

Daniella Goodrich

Madhur Dey

Melanie Hatcher

Jackie Price – Social Media

Special Task Force  

Mary Kay Spence

Joe Taylor

Beverly Wade

Ronnie Lemmond




BarbyBarby Westmoreland’s story includes a desperate struggle with alcoholism and her amazing recovery journey which began in rehab in her late forties and has continued for 20-plus years in an ever-increasing celebration of life through Jesus Christ. Barby was a high-school English teacher until she retired in l970 to enjoy her own children’s teen years, to pursue a Biblical Studies program, to teach both youth and adult Bible studies in her church and neighborhood…and to learn some very important lessons about living well in spirit, soul, and body. In 1985 she was selected and trained as Teaching Director to help bring Community Bible Studies, an international Bible study ministry, to Atlanta, Georgia. With that initial class established, she followed a dream, moved to St. Simons Island, Georgia, and entered training to become a Certified Addictions Counselor, licensed by the State of Georgia. She worked professionally both as an addictions counselor in secular hospitals and in private practice as a Christian Family Counselor under the authority of local churches. Eventually she retired to share, through lay ministry, what she had learned, both personally and professionally, about the Biblical and psychological principles of “living well.” She began this work in 1994 when she founded Living Well Ministries, Inc., a soul-care ministry that takes participants from “seeker of Truth” to “servant of others” through a discipleship process. This soul-care discipleship process includes renewing the mind, healing the emotions, and maturing the spirit for the purpose of discovering and developing one’s personal ministry and mission in life. Barby retired as president of LWM, Inc. in 2002 to spend more time writing, speaking and consulting with individuals, pastors, health and mental-health professionals, and other professional care-givers to expose the need for more competent soul-care in both the Church and the community. She continues this work through ConsultCARE, a service which operates independently from, but in cooperation with, all other lay-ministries, churches and professional care-givers. Barby and her husband, Westy, are one of the founding families of St. Simons Community Church where they love to worship and serve. They are blessed with three beloved daughters and their families, including six wonderful grandchildren.


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